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The techniques are tools.If they fall in the wrong hands can be harmful!

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Have you ever wondered why the conventional treatment for any condition is the same and with the same sequence of steps?

Have you ever wondered why none of the answers given by the consultants about your case does not provide you with a clear idea about the diagnosis and the progress of your condition (after the completion of the treatment?).

In De.Holl Centre we focus on providing a treatment targeted on the causes rather than providing short term relief by only alleviating the patient's symptoms.

Asklepios was saying that we should treat the patient rather than the disease itself. For us, this is an inviolate rule because every patient has a different outcome after the treatment, which is unique for each patient. Consequently, his/her treatment also should have been unique and specially adapted on him/her!! Only then physiotherapy becomes the solution!!

When physiotherapy becomes the solution for your own specific musculoskeletal problem, then you undergo a causal treatment based on a technique that is suitable for you and is selected from a range of techniques of scientific level applied abroad for decades!!! Some of them, such as the treatment of scoliosis, have been applied for more that one hundred years!!! The therapist should not only be physiotherapist, but also specially-trained on each and every technique and must have the experience to apply them!!

Any person who has a minor or a major bodily dysfunction is aware of his/her condition. Thus, wherever he/she going to turn to help (even in our De.Holl Centre), if within a few treatments he/she would not feel any improvement, this means that he/she is in the ‘wrong hands’. For us, the definition of ‘cure’ is the following: Helping towards changing the condition gradually and continuously for the best!!

The causal treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological problems by using techniques such as Brugger, Schroth (skoliosis), Kl. Vogelbach, Vojter, PNF, Manuelle and others, in combined form.

When a treatment is based on dealing with the symptoms rather than with the assessment of the actual cause (of any condition), we acquire relief up to some extent, while, on the other hand, we sedate and consolidate the situation. In this way, we are getting a chronic illness!!!

You can get information from the homelands of physiotherapy, that is, Germany and Holland, regarding the progress and the techniques of physiotherapy by following the links below:

The treatment’s secret lies in the hands of the therapist who needs to have the knowledge of many techniques and to make use of a combination of techniques tailored to the needs of the patient. The key for the physiotherapist is to have experience and an open mind so as not to copy exactly the techniques that he/she has learned. A powerful tool for the treatment depends on how well the physiotherapist knows the techniques and whether he/she can easily create combinations in order to correct the musculoskeletical and neurological problems rapidly and permanently (depending on the condition).

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