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Scoliosis is any deviation in one, two or usually three dimensions from the common and acceptable by everyone as "normal posture".

In one dimension: lordocyphosis
In two dimensions: with drifting aside, the shoulder is higher
In three dimensions: by rotating the torso over hips


Frontal Plane

Sagittal Plane

Transverse Plane


The spine is supported by muscles. Contrary to what you have been told, the skeleton is supported solely by muscles. Therefore, by correcting the unbalanced forces that are applied on the skeleton we can also change the position of the spine (the bones themselves do not have any defects!!!). Thus, in skoliosis the same muscle on one side of the spine is bigger than on the other side of the spine, or weaker and stronger, shorter and longer (etc.), resulting in unbalanced forces that pull - press - twist the spine.

What you should know

What they will never tell you is that the person with scoliosis does not find any relief. When therapy starts only with the splint, the person with scoliosis has specific symptoms or no symptoms at all. The person becomes stiff and if he suffers from right-left scoliosis, then there is always damage in his/her right knee. The cause is the following: turn and drop of the pelvis with symptoms such as the shrinkage of quadriceps, resulting the pressure of knee cap on the knee joint.


The next stage is the super-stretching and the pain in the left knee (always referring to the right-left scoliosis).

The deviation from the recognizable pattern by the brain (balanced and correct posture) causes friction between the vertebrae and all the joints. The next stage is the Arthritis-like pain!!!



If the person with scoliosis simply does strengthening exercises or a sport, he/she will keep the body and spine in the beginning level. Thus, the tilt remains the same.

Advantage: the stabilization/ consolidation

Disadvantage: no change for the better 

In any case, it is better than being completely inactive.

Splints, braces etc.

Splints and braces cause pains from the pressure on the spine while trying to "click" every vertebrae that is not in the right place.

 I cannot think of any advantage.


  • a worse musculoskeletical picture of movement and life for the patient with a virtually and useless improvement of 1-2 degrees.

  • looseness of muscles.

  • Arthritic pain in all the joints and joints of the spine knuckles (depending on the case).

What do we suggest?
  • Physiotherapy: intensive treatment by a specially trained therapist who uses the Schroth method.

  • Exercise: tailored to your needs, for example, swimming with the left hand while the right hand stays still. (in the case of right-left skoliosis).

The right combination of the above with a focus always on the counterbalance of forces in the human body that experiences scoliosis and the adaptation of this treatment depending on the individual and the idiosyncracy of his/her scoliosis, is the solution and the only treatment that we suggest.