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The techniques are tools.If they fall in the wrong hands can be harmful!

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Training   -   Seminars   -   Free Sessions

In our Physiotherapy Centre, transmission of knowledge is regarded as our obligation. Every new case is analysed and further examined. Our team meets every week to reflect, improve and train on new techniques that they study within our centre. The training program is demanding, it lasts for 9 hours and takes place every Thursday and Saturday.

We follow this initiative to assist families that cannot afford long-term treatment in our centre. Additionally, patients from low-income households can benefit by completing a full-cycle of scoliosis or kyphosis therapies at our centre, about 90 sessions that would otherwise cost some thousands of euros for free.

Naturally, such patients will have to consent to the publication of their photographs and therapy logs and agree to be examined by one of our doctors during the course of their treatment. Furthermore, they should often take full spine x-rays, spirometry tests and ultrasound scans in order to fully document their progress, which data will be useful in our 23 year old research on kyphosis and scoliosis. Lastly, the patients will also have to participate in medical conferences to demonstrate their progress.

Once a month we also train the parents of the children we treat to ensure a faster improvement of their children’s condition, usually every last Sunday of the month. The demonstration lasts for 4 hours.

The training sessions are offered for free.