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Functional Kinetics

The concept was conceived by Susanne Klein Vogelbach (1909-1996) who lived and worked in Basel, Switzerland. 

Her love for the human body allowed her to develop her theory through systematic observation, by analysing every sequence of movements necessary for the body or a part of it to move from one point to another.

Some individuals possess the ability to move their muscles and joints with ease, by utilising their full range of motion. Ms Klein Vogelbach was perplexed by the reason that is and decided to dedicate her life into the explanation of that phenomenon.

Gait analysis and more generally the different phases leading to an ideal movement offer valuable information that can be of use when treating a patient. Such information allow for the identification of the reasons behind an imperfect movement and assist in subsequently achieving recovery for the patient.

Ms Klein Vogelbach was a university professor, globally renowned for her work in physiotherapy that has written numerous books about her method and has received multiple awards.