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The techniques are tools.If they fall in the wrong hands can be harmful!

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In order to understand this method one must realize that the human skeleton depends mechanically on the muscles, which in turn are controlled by the neurological system!

e.g. muscle shortening               e.g. pain

So if there is damage somewhere in the body, this information is transferred to the central nervous system. From there, a mechanism is ‘triggered’ so as to start the process of self-healing. During this effort, the ‘mechanism’ changes for a long period of time the physical function up to that point and deactivates an extensive part of natural response. This has the effect of creating new, unexpected and with many obstructions, physical problems. This is the basic and first parameter.

Another major factor that aggravates the ligaments, the tissues, the muscles and the skeleton for a long period of time is the constant, everyday and 24-hour hostile, for the body, posture.

The hours we spend on things that would help the body respond satisfactorily to the needs that we create in our lives is negligible.

Especially here in Greece prevails the notion of the lack of sufficient exercise.

Symptoms: Usually shorter muscles, lack of flexibility and, finally, friction between the bones in the already afflicted joints (with the diagnosis of arthritis).

Generalizing such a modern problem… people in pain!!!

Generally, the treatment has stages in which we are looking for the already short muscles and then we reorganize the body by correcting piece by piece the whole posture of the body.

In the particular concept (theory) the main goal is to obtain the lift of the thorax with the external rotation of the hands, and both the drop and the movement of the pelvis creating decongestion. Thus, in certain points of the lumbar spine, a significant long-term relief is achieved as well as a total treatment of the pain!!