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The techniques are tools.If they fall in the wrong hands can be harmful!

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Schroth’s method

This method was discovered by Katherina Schroth who, as a child, had to wear a corset that was obstructing her from breathing. Born in Dresden in 1894 she knew that she was different from other children. She had skoliosis. She was the girl with a hump and crooked bones. In a typical orthopedic examination, she compared her bones and she observed that they had no defects but they were dislocated by some forces.

The corset she was wearing did not correct her posture. On the contrary, it was slacking the muscles and was pressing the vertebrae in a wrong position in order to rectify the spine, resulting in a lot of pain. Then, she clearly realized what is now known by all researchers: the muscles are responsible!!! She shouted happily: "I don’t have a hump that is going to remain for good; I just have twisted ribs".


In 1921, after she had been healed herself, she started helping others. She had her own Health Centre in Meissen. She died on her birthday in 1985 and despite the fact that she was neither a doctor nor a physiotherapist(Gymnastic teacher) she was honoured for her offer by the German State with the “Cross of Offering to the humanity”. Throughout her entire life she had fixed “incurable” and “doomed” children from scoliosis.Her work was thoroughly recorded by her daughter and fellow collaborator, Christa - Lehnert Schroth, and became well known thanks to her, after being published all around the globe and translated in many languages. Christa and her mother used to own the Katherina Schroth Clinic where therapies took place outdoors and lasted several months under their strict supervision. It became a method with scientific importance which is applied by specially-trained doctors and physiotherapists. She managed to treat difficult and huge scoliosis cases (over 70 degrees) using only her method, whilst today any institution will suggest a surgery with rod input. Christa - Lehnert Schroth,who i dare consider a friend of mine, realised and recorded the existance of the 4th curve and completed the current knowledge about scoliosis. She  is now 89 years old.



The application of the technique after 6 months of intensive treatment